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Subham Karoti Kalyaanam

Arogyam Dhana Sampadaha

Shatru Budhi Vinashaya

Deepa Jyotir Namostute

I Offer my salutation to the Light which brings auspiciousness, prosperity, good health, and abundance of wealth, and removes negative influences and retains knowledge.

This small beautiful prayer is chanted in Indian homes during sunrise and sunsets. The underlying intent of this chant is a reiteration of focus towards optimistic thinking and positive attitude. People also say, ‘YATHO BHAVO, THATHO BHAVATHI’, which means WHAT YOU THINK IS WHAT YOU BECOME. Basically, if our daily thoughts are directed towards wellbeing and abundance, they shall manifest to become a physical reality.

What is a Family Office in a Globally-accepted Parlance?

The Lancashire proverb, “Clogs to clogs in three generations” is, as it seems, a universal one. There is, “Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” in America, “Rice paddies to rice paddies” in Japan, “Wealth never survives three generations” in India, and “The father buys, the son builds, the grandchild sells and his son borrow” in Scotland.

These sayings may sound harsh but, in many instances, it is the bitter reality in many cases where foresighted initiatives could have done the damage control.

The burning question for today’s families is then: How do we avoid such situations from happening?

In an ever-changing and increasingly volatile world where the regulatory landscape is continuously evolving, there are umpteen challenges for managing and preserving family serenity, legacy and wealth.

The most trusted and single-window solution for the above paradoxical puzzle is to form a professionally-managed family office and let it handle the entire portfolio of priorities.

So, what really is a FAMILY OFFICE and how does the model work?

A family office is an advisory and supporting entity encompassing professionals rendering their services to affluent families to:

  • Manage their critical affairs
  •  Maintain familial harmony
  •  Preserve their wealth.
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A family office firm is aimed at effectively monitoring, preserving, and growing the wealth of ultra-high net worth families as well as ensuring smooth transfer to their upcoming generation. It also duly factors the family legacy, business institutionalization, and tech entrepreneurship in their deliverables framework.

A family office that supports only one wealthy family is called a Single Family Office whereas one which supports and works for multiple clients is referred to as a Multi-Family Office.

Rockefeller family, Bill Gates, and Fidelity Investments’ CEO Abby Johnson, all have single-family offices to manage their wealth. These family offices have money managers, accountants, estate planners, advocates, and experts from varied domains to manage their wealth and family affairs. The asset sizes managed by these single-family offices are no less than USD 100 million.

In a conventional business model, a family office assumes the responsibility to take care of a family’s:

  • Strategic and Financial Planning
  • Investments & Wealth Management
  • Family Governance
  • Philanthropy & Charities
  • Succession & Estates Planning
  • Legal Affairs
  • Accounting, Tax Planning, and MIS

While the family office consulting industry in America and Europe is mature and continuously evolving, the Indian business is still in its nascent stage. However, on the bright side, ultra-high net worth individuals and affluent families are now starting to see the need to disintegrate themselves are now seeing the need to engage professionals to manage the wealth.

Why Does the Indian Family Office Industry Need to Introspect and Evolve?

The current model of family office business is focused to serve only wealthy families and ultra-high net worth individuals.

Amongst multiple challenging and crippling factors, India is positively treading towards an economy of USD 5 trillion. Millennials, technocrats, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, and the Indian diaspora (NRIs), who represent more than 50% of the Indian population of 1.37 billion, will play an integral role in helping the country achieve this milestone.

These individuals are the future wealth creators. Hence, these demographic segments must have access to the complete bouquet of bespoke family office services.

Family office advisories which normally enter at the wealth management stage need to step in at the aspiration stage instead and provide continuous handholding in the augmentation process of the aspirants.

Felicity Famille Offices is an initiative with a robust business model, thoughtfully structured to serve not only wealthy and affluent individuals and families, but also all millennials, technocrats, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises , and the Indian diaspora, who aspire to become rich.

Our mission is to lead our clients from their aspirations to affluence.

For more information, feel free to get in touch with us!

Our Services

Community Development Initiatives

Welfare & Concierge

Our unique & tailor-made programs shall structure & manage your day to day personal tasks and responsibilities. We assure you solace & life enrichment.
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Privately Pooled Investments

Assets Protection & Management

Our single window support system efficiently protects and manages your immovable & movable assets. Our optimization strategies assure revenue generation and value enhancement.
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Investment & Wealth Advisory

Financial Planning & Wealth Advisory

Our advisory services are structured by industry experts to evaluate current financial status and provide a financial planning road map for perpetual wealth and affluence
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Compliances & Governance

Compliances & Assurances

Our C & G services ensure better governance, risk mitigation risks and regulatory compliances. We deliver tax advisory, accounting and Dashboards for informed decision making processes.
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Business Advisory

Business Consulting

Our experts provide support for corporate finance, lean management, India entry strategies, start-up mentoring, mergers and acquisitions, and a gamut of management consultancy services.
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Philanthropy & Charities

Philanthropy & Charities

We give a physical transformation to your philanthropic passions and vision by designing and implementing structured programs, which offer outreach to the targeted beneficiaries in the society.
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Our clientele include individuals and familes from all economic & social classes with a long term vision towards financial protection and a foreseen lifestyle

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