Target Clients

Self-employed Professionals

Self-employed professionals, such as doctors, advocates, and technocrats are often high earners. They slog for not less than 200 hours a month and have the affordability to live in posh neighborhoods, own swanky yacht and bikes, and buy expensive art collections. However, they achieve all this only after facing several struggles. Regardless of their professional expertise, these experts often end up making faulty financial investments.

Although they earn well, they tend to put all their money in a single basket. This kind of investment carries a high risk and often doesn’t work out, sabotaging their dream of launching big projects.

Felicity partners with self-employed professionals and can handhold them through a systematic approach to retirement planning, bigger professional projects, working capital funding, systematic personal drawings from business, debt exposure and succession management.

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)

Non-resident Indians (NRIs) continue to maintain strong ties with their home country even after settling abroad. This bonding may be because of the following reasons:

  • Their parents, family members, and loved ones continue to live in India
  • They may have a plan to come back to India after retirement to settle down for the rest of their lives
  • They may have assets and investments in India

Experts at FFO truly understand their situation! This is why we have bundled up a meticulously-structured package for NRIs which includes ‘Welfare and Concierge’ services to support their parents and family living in India.

Millennials (Aged up to 35 Years)

Millennials are typically torn between building their family and growing in their professional life for a rewarding career. Their priorities may include settling student loans or laying the foundation for a dream start-up, or even buying a swanky sedan.

The millennial age is the perfect time to get into financial planning. Otherwise, temptations can eat up your savings and investments, as you go overboard on enhanced lifestyle and luxuries.

FFO offers to help you lay a strong financial foundation for your future. We support you in assessing your immediate personal goals and cost of living while preparing you for long-term wealth augmentation.

Gen X (Aged 36 to 50)

Gen X individuals are usually well aware of their strengths and have a clear vision for their career. They have worked hard in the past and have witnessed several milestones. They have robust health, money, and power to afford a luxurious lifestyle.

This the age where they can reduce their debts and start working on financial planning for leveraging their earnings, lifestyle and retirement plans.

Simple living is the best living in these years! FFO understands this and offers advisory support to Gen X individuals to ensure that a strong and sustainable financial foundation awaits them.

Gen Y (Aged 51 to 65)

Gen Y individuals have already achieved significant career growth and have taken corporate leadership positions. They now strive for senior positions and larger ownership stakes in their companies. They have the potential to save more but may also face threats of higher debt burdens. They have witnessed global recessions and the costs of their passion and recreational interests have increased.

They are about to enter the retirement phase of aging. This is where the importance of financial freedom and a respectable retirement comes in!

FFO supports Gen Y individuals in carrying out a due diligence check to understand where they stand on their journey towards retirement. We can identify corrective and proactive strategies for:

  • Debts elimination
  • Passive income creation
  • Financial liquidity
  • Tax savings
  • Planning for healthcare costs
  • Funding for kids’ college education
  • Persuasion of passions and philanthropy initiatives
  • Succession planning

Gen Z (Aged 65 and Above)

Retirement changes everything in one’s life. To make sure that these years really prove to be ‘golden’, Gen Z individuals should aim to achieve financial freedom for the next fifteen to twenty years. They need a passive revenue stream to cover their expenses as well as an alternate earning source to generate regular income. Their tax outflows need to be minimal.

FFO offers to serve as their trusted partner not only for financial planning tasks but also welfare and household tasks support.

Our programs for the elderly offer solace not only to the senior citizens but also to their children living in faraway lands. Our experts help them with succession planning and successful wealth transfer to their next generation.


At FFO, our experts always go the extra mile to help entrepreneurs achieve their personal financial goals in relation to their business goals.

Your financial goals may include:

  • Generating alternate income streams
  • Managing taxes
  • Setting aside for the educational needs of children
  • Saving up for medical emergencies

Whether you are running a startup or an established enterprise, we can help you manage everything seamlessly.

Entertainment and Sports Professionals

Entertainment, Sports & Art Industry Professionals Professionals in the entertainment, art, and sports industry typically earn well when their career is at its peak. However, where there are highs, lows are inevitable.

It is crucial for you to come up with a sustainable, smart plan for investments, debts settlement, lifestyle management, and dignified retirement planning.

FFO offers exclusive and bespoke financial planning packages for you, duly factoring your cost of living and long-term financial security.