Family Welfare and Concierge

Have you ever heard that your lifestyle derives from your passion and defines your power, potential, and productivity?

Well, it’s pretty much true!

We understand that yours and your family’s health, welfare, and lifestyle matter the most to you. Every individual strives to ensure that all their loved ones live in tranquility and are taken good care of.

We offer bespoke family care programs to address issues relating to parental and family welfare, household tasks, and social enrichment.

Family Support

Family care

  • Guided care of dependent parents, siblings and loved ones
  • Planned hospital visits
  • Prayers and Prarthana in temples
  • Gifting loved ones during festive occasions
  • Guided tours and activities
  • Astrological consultations
  • Any other need-based support


Lifestyle Pooled Investments


Advice and guidance on Lifestyle management services :

  • Exclusive access to luxury services, content and products
  • Amazing and exotic world travel destinations
  • Private jet travel and luxury yacht tours
  • Exclusive gifting ideas
  • Rejuvenation breaks and wellness coaching
  • Style and fashion advisory


Travel & Events

Travel & Events

  • Travel planning in India
  • Personal events
  • Social events and parties management


Volunteer Networks

Volunteer Networks

  • Marriage counseling
  • Employment opportunities
  • Business network development


International Relocation

International Relocation

Facilitative support for connecting with relocation attorneys for relocation/ migration into India, EU and other countries, change of domicile, international residence permits and citizenships